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Fascia Workshop with Kiersten Jakobsen on October 20th!

Workshop | posted on Oct 03, 2018
Interstitium & Fascia: The Space Between Micro Movement and Whole Body Breakthrough

with Kiersten Jakobsen

Saturday, October 20th


$30 per person


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In March of this year, scientists discovered a “new” organ, something they collectively call the “interstitium” — a ubiquitous network of fluid-filled spaces found in fascia (connective tissue) throughout the body, a network yogis have known about for centuries. In some regards, we call these networks “meridians” or even “chakras”, channels along which energy (prana or qi) flows. In an instant, not only did hard science legitimize the claims of yogis worldwide, it reinvigorated those of us focused on fitness and healing to rethink our approach to intelligent movement and how this movement is inextricably linked to well-being. Thus, this seminar on fascial conditioning was born. This workshop will consist of two parts. Part one will include a short discussion on the fundamental properties of fascia, the connective tissue housing the interstitium. What is the relationship between the interstitium, fascia, and health? How do we train fascia? How can we build greater strength, flexibility, healing, and recovery through fascial conditioning? Part two will be entirely movement based. We will work our way through a series of dynamic movements via conventional asanas such as Crescent Pose or low lunge. We will seek to address adhesions throughout the body, restore the healthy bounce to our anatomies, and revitalize our total biological systems. Yeah, it’s big. Come out and play! 


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