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Supple Leopard Workshop Rescheduled

Event | posted on Feb 01, 2016

Due to unforeseen scheduling conflicts we are pushing back the date of the Supple Leopard workshop. The new date has not yet been determined, but stay tuned. We will make an announcement when the final details are determined. 

Supple Leopard Workshop - with Tracy Gulbransen

Workshop | posted on Jan 13, 2016
Date: 2/13/2016
Time: 3pm - 4:45pm
Have you ever watched a leopard getting ready to attack it's prey? Maybe on the discovery channel, maybe on YouTube....maybe a hundred years ago on a black and white television. As the leopard approaches his soon to be feast...there is no warm set of calisthenics performed before he/she sprints off at 36 MPH And from what I've seen, you don't see a leopard limping off after the attack.....having pulled his low back.

My point here is....wouldn't it be nice to go through life as a supple leopard? Doing things you love to do, things you have to do, without a nagging twinge in your body here or there.

This workshop is designed to help you become a supple leopard. The focus is functional movements.......movements based on daily life situational biomechanics, involving multi-planar, multi-joint movements that place a demand on the body's core musculature and nervous system. Many of these moves come from a Power Yoga collection, as well as others based on my years of working as a fitness coach professional.

We will also touch on myofascial release, so you will need to bring a foam roller.

Sign-up online or at the studio! 


Discounted Yoga for Teens

Event | posted on Jan 02, 2016

Happy New Year!


We are pleased to announce that starting January 1, 2016, high school students will now receive a 50% discount on drop-in classes at YogaSource Palo Alto. Students just need to present their valid high school ID to pay $10 per class!


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