Lorraine Tam

Yin Yoga

"When we feel sluggish, a dynamic flow class gets us moving. When we are stressed and burned out, a calming class can rejuvenate us. The key is to listen to your body."
Lorraine came to yoga after many years as a dancer. She started out as a Yogasource student in the ‘90s and began teaching in 2004. She completed a 200-hr training at White Lotus Foundation and over 800 hours with her main teachers Suzee and Paul Grilley. She enjoys combining the challenging physicality of Vinyasa with the therapeutic benefits of Yin yoga to bring balance to her life.
Lorraine's calming Yin classes release deeply held stress and muscular tension, improve flexibility and harmonize energy flow. She hopes students will use yoga to get more in touch with their bodies and become more aware of what goes on in the mind.